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Alright, let's be straight with each other. Do you like to do things yourself? In other words, are you a do it yourselfer? While this is laudable in many respects and in many situations, we suggest that you not try to create your own wedding invitations. There are times when you just need the assistance of a true professional. And your wedding invitations is one of those times. Your invitation is like a trumpet. It is speaking of this great event that is going to be taking place and it is hopefully doing it with flair. We guarantee you that if you find the perfect graphic designer for you and your wedding, you will be able to relax and rest easy. Keep in mind that this is a highly specialized industry and there are a lot of terms that you are going to be introduced to that you have probably never heard before. So, before you seek out any candidates, start reading up on the wedding invitation world and become familiar with the terms used and the process. Once you feel like you know enough to be dangerous, start searching throughout the El Paso area for graphic designers that create wedding invitations. You then want to keep this guide with you everywhere you go and let it lead you to the one candidate that will give you exactly what you have been looking for in terms of your wedding invitation.

But first you must find some quality candidates to consider. There are a few different ways to come up with some vendors worth looking into for your invitation needs. One great way is to check with your family, friends and coworkers. Start asking anyone and everyone around you if they have ever hired an invitation professional or graphic designer. Or perhaps someone you know has received an invitation that absolutely blew them out of the water. If this is the case, try and track down the designer and start keeping a list of designers to contact personally for your wedding needs. Another way of finding potential candidates is by trying to harness the power of the world wide web. Do a Google search for “invitation professionals in the El Paso area.” Start checking out the websites of the individual providers that pop up and if you see any of them that strike you as someone you might like to talk to further about your invitation needs, add them to your list. And you can't forget about your wedding vendors that you already have a relationship with. They are probably the most well connected people on this planet. They will probably have a name or two to toss your way.

Now that you have some candidates to check out, you can start contacting them and setting up face to face interviews to talk about your invitation needs. Start with a very conversational tone and inquire as to their experience level. Where did they learn how to design? If they don't have formal training that should not preclude them from being considered as your invitation designer. Do they do their printing in-house or do they outsource it? The main difference here is that doing it in-house will give you a quicker turn around time while outsourcing will usually be cheaper. If you order all of your other print needs from them, will you be eligible for a discount. How much can you be involved in the design process? How much is everything going to cost you? How can you pay? What do they need for you to reserve their services? Get some references from them and speak with each one about how their experience was. Sit down and so a side by side comparison and then make an educated decision on who should be the graphic designer for your wedding invitations.


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